Children's Counseling

Children who have witnessed domestic violence or who have been abused often experience complex and long-lasting effects. The Children's Advocate is an ally to the children in our program, advocating for each child's needs with family members, teachers, and service providers.

We offer crisis intervention and longer-term support for children, depending on the severity of violence in the family and a child's response to that violence. Often, the Children's Advocate collaborates with other service providers in the family's life, especially schools, to ensure that the child's emotional needs are being met.

Post-traumatic stress is often exhibited in children as behavioral or emotional problems in school and in children's relationships with family members and peers. Our Children's Advocate employs a variety of experiential therapies, using art, play, and nature-based techniques to help children improve their self-confidence, ability to express emotions, and communication patterns.

While our Children's Advocacy Program is focused on the needs of children, these services are fully integrated into the comprehensive services provided at Safe Passage. The Children's Advocate collaborates with counseling, shelter, and legal staff to help families address the varied impacts of domestic violence.

The Children's Advocate also offers a weekly Parenting Group for parents of children who have experienced domestic violence.