How you can support survivors during Covid-19

Intersecting arrows on a graph going from left corners to right corners that demonstrate a decrease in social supports and an increase in escalation of violence. Arrows point to the side of the graph where a box says "high escalation of violence". Two vertical dotted lines intersect the arrows. On the left, the line says "when warning signs are visible" and further to the right the line says "when survivors call".

Since Covid-19 became a serious concern, we have learned a lot about our responsibility to physically distance ourselves, and to self-isolate in order to limit the spread. While it is an act of community care to encourage others to stay home, we also know that home is not always comfortable or safe.  For people who…

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When Staying Home isn’t Safe

Social isolation is not new for survivors living with abuse. As a tactic frequently used by people who abuse others, isolation is integral to almost every experience of domestic violence.

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