Volunteer Spotlight: Communications, Confidence & Compassion

This month, we’re spotlighting the amazing work of our volunteer Jules! Jules joined Safe Passage this summer to aid our communications efforts, including graphic design, content creation, editing, and more.  While she heads back to college in September, she looks forward to continuing to support Safe Passage as a team member for the Survivor Anthology Project!

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Name: Jules

Volunteer position(s): Communications Assistant; Survivor Anthology Project Support 

How long you've been volunteering: 4 months

Fun fact: Jules used to be a very serious competitive gymnast!


Tell us about you:

I am a college student, writer, and enthusiastic gym-goer. 


Why do you volunteer with Safe Passage?

I volunteer with Safe Passage because their work is deeply important to me. Over the course of my summer with Safe Passage, I have gained confidence in my identity as a survivor, and it is an incredible feeling to know that through the behind-the-scenes work that I do, I am helping other survivors on their journeys. The staff that I work with, the other volunteers I have met, and the collaborative atmosphere have all contributed to my amazing experience volunteering with Safe Passage this summer.  

A light blue background with yellow and blue quotation marks. Text reads: It is an incredible feeling to know that through the behind-the-scenes work that I do, I am helping other survivors on their journeys.

How do you bring your skills, knowledge, experiences, and resources to the work you do here?

I try to bring my perspective as a student, someone with a disability, a survivor, and a writer with me to each Safe Passage volunteering event I attend. In doing this I hope to ensure accessibility, openness, and compassion within the work I do for Safe Passage. 


What is a meaningful experience you've had assisting with communications this summer?

Having the chance to be a part of the Survivor Anthology project has been amazing for me. Writing played a huge role in my own process of understanding my past abuse, and being able to help create this space for survivors to express themselves has felt empowering. 

I had an amazing time working with Safe Passage this summer, and hope to continue my volunteering with this incredible org in the future. Thank you for everything! 


Staff testimonials:

"Jules is an absolute joy to work alongside—her creativity, humor, compassion, and curiosity make an absolutely incredible team member and thought partner. It is so clear that this work is deeply meaningful for her, and that drives the passion that can be felt in everything she does. In this field, it's necessary to be able to hold onto our joy, silliness, and capacity for play, and I see that so fully in Jules.

It's been thrilling to watch her confidence and skills grow over the summer, and I am sure that this is just the beginning of that growth. I know that, wherever her life takes her, Jules will continue to be a driving force for change and for a more just and caring world.”

–Alec, Community Engagement Coordinator


Thank you for being a part of Safe Passage, Jules!

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