Survivor Anthology Project

About the Project

The Survivor Anthology Project creates bodies of work that include the diversity, creativity, and resilience of survivors’ experiences.

There is no one way to experience domestic violence and relationship abuse. There are survivors of every age, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, ability, religion, and background. Each survivor’s story is unique, and one goal of this project is to highlight that fact.

If you have experienced any kind of emotional/verbal, financial, technological, sexual/reproductive, spiritual/cultural abuse and/or physical abuse, we want to hear from you. Whether you are just coming to terms with the harm, or whether you are 20 years out from it, we want to hear from you. Whether or not you’ve been able to say the word “survivor” out loud, we want to hear from you.

If you think this anthology is for you, it is.

About the Anthology Team

We are a group of Safe Passage volunteers and staff who have come together to create this project. Some of us are survivors; others are not. We have different backgrounds and experiences, but we are all committed to this project as a way of uplifting stories that hardly get shared.

Need to get in touch? Reach out to us at

We are here for you.

If you would like to connect with someone about your experience of domestic violence or relationship abuse, please reach out to our helpline at 413-586-5066, or toll-free at 888-345-5282.

Our helpline is staffed Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Ready to share?

Submit your work to the survivor anthology online by clicking the link below.

Not sure where to start? Our team put together a list of art/writing prompts to help fuel your creative journey!

Fall submission period is open!

We welcome submissions of prose, poetry, photography, visual artwork, and hybrid pieces from survivors of domestic violence/relationship abuse to include our second issue. Your submission(s) can be about your survivor story, but it doesn’t have to be.

This second issue will be released in October 2024. All issues of the anthology are available as E-books and are hosted publicly on this webpage. E-books can be read on the webpage and are easy to share! A limited number of copies will also be printed for community members and organizations, and all contributors will receive one.

Deadline for submissions: July 15, 2024. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, and you will hear from us no later than July 31, 2024.

If you would like help with the submission process, reach out to our Anthology Team at We can help talk through your submission, assist with formatting, and more!

Submission Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines carefully:

  • Who can submit: 
    • Anyone who identifies as a survivor of domestic violence and/or relationship abuse is welcome to submit work.
  • Types of work accepted:
    • Written: Essays, stories, poetry, multi-genre pieces, etc.
    • Visual artwork: Photography (including photographs of three-dimensional artwork such as sculptures or fiber arts), paintings, drawings, etc.
    • Hybrid pieces (containing visual art AND written elements): Comics, collages, etc.
  • Length of submissions:
    • Text ONLY: Up to 8 pages total for prose; Up to 4 pages total for poetry and/or multi-genre pieces.
    • Visual artwork: Up to 4 pages.
    • You may submit more than one piece (i.e. several poems or photographs), as long as it meets the above page limits. Please compile multiple submissions into ONE file. 
  • Submission formatting:
    • Text ONLY: .DOC/.DOCX, .PDF, .TXT files
      • Prose submissions preferred formatting: Double spaced; 12pt font in Times New Roman or similar type.
      • Poetry submissions preferred formatting:  Single spaced; 10-12pt font in Times New Roman, Georgia, or similar.
    • Visual artwork (including hybrid pieces with text): .JPG/JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF, .EPS
      • One piece of artwork per page.
    • Please include the title of the piece(s) in the submission file.
  • Language requirements:
    • We currently accept submissions in English and Spanish (no English translation needed for Spanish submissions).
    • We do NOT accept submissions that use any hateful and/or discriminatory language directed at individuals or groups. Submissions using this type of language will be disqualified.
      • Discriminatory language used by the contributor as a way to reclaim it is acceptable.
  • Please DO NOT INCLUDE:
    • Any contact information on your submission file (address, phone number, full name, email, etc). Your first name may be used throughout your submission.
  • Other guidelines:
    • You are welcome to submit pieces that have been previously published, so long as you have permission to do so from the original publisher.
  • When submitting, please consider your own safety and wellbeing. 
    • On the submission form, you will be asked for your name AND for the name you wish to publish under. You may use a pseudonym or publish anonymously.
    • Your personal information will not be shared outside of the anthology team without your explicit permission.
    • We advise you to not use identifiable names in your submission.  If your submission contains identifiable names, locations, or other details, we recommend changing them.
      • Our reviewing team can provide feedback and suggestions around changing names of people/locations/etc. in your submission.

Read the Anthology

Click on the issue number below to download the current issue of Survival & Beyond to your computer, phone, tablet, or e-reader. This eBook file (.EPUB) should be compatible with all e-reader programs, including Kindle. Please contact if you have any problems.

The eBook is free to download, but we welcome sliding scale donations to Safe Passage to support future issues of Survival & Beyond!



We'd love to hear from you! After reading, let us know what you think and how we can improve future issues with this short survey here.

About the Issue

Is survival a destination or a journey? Survival & Beyond: A Survivor Anthology uplifts the stories of survivors of domestic violence and relationship abuse, told and showcased in their own words in English and Spanish. In this debut collection, these true and vulnerable stories by 13 writers and artists cast off stigma to stand in the light.

There is no single way to experience abuse. This collection shows that there is also no single way to survive, to heal, and to thrive.

anthology front cover_spring 2024