Teen Dating Violence: What are the facts?

Have you ever experienced the excitement of diving into a new romance? Or that incredible feeling when you meet someone who sets your heart racing? We’ve all been there, right? But there’s something crucial you should never forget when getting involved while you’re in middle school or high school: Teen Dating Violence.

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Who Has the Power?: Teen Wisdom for Transformative Change

A yellow and orange speech bubble with the words "The more I went to the Academy, the more I understood the people around me". with the Say Something Youth Initiative logo in the bottom left corner.

This Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, we sat down with a local high schooler in our youth prevention programming to get his own thoughts about his learning experiences in various parts of the program. A great deal of the Say Something Youth Initiative curriculum is focused around relationships—how to form and maintain healthy ones and how…

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Sexism, Violence, and Double Standards on display at the Oscars

The words "It’s no surprise that at one of the biggest events of the year in popular media and culture, we see such blatant displays of sexism and violence — mixed with complicated expressions of racism and ableism, a problematic intersectional stew" over an image of an oscar award.

We know Hollywood is not immune to expressions of violence. We see headlines of behavior on and off screen that speak to our culture’s systemic issues of sexual assault and domestic violence. To the former: yes, art is subjective and is a reflection of our culture. And to that end, we have seen it become…

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The Power of Prevention

wooden bridge over a mountain stream

Moving Upstream Maybe you’ve heard the prevention parable, “Moving Upstream.” In the story, a person fishing in a river sees a person being carried downstream, struggling for life. They pull that person out, but more and more people keep being carried downstream, needing to be rescued. Exhausted from constantly pulling people out of the river,…

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Join The Movement to Create Safety for LGBTQ+ Youth: Being a Trusted Adult Ally after the Parades End

Quote over Multicolored background: LBGTQ+ youth deserve to know that they are loved and valued, that they matter, and that they are not alone. By being a reliable adult ally to LBGTQ+ youth, you can help create experiences of safety and support young people in building healthy relationships.

LBGTQ+ youth deserve to know that they are loved, valued, that they matter, and that they are not alone. This is true every single day of the year, and this June in honor of Pride month, we want to take special care to remind our community that LBGTQ+ youth need reliable adults and allies in their lives who can help create experiences of safety and support young people in building healthy relationships

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#TDVAM2021: Supporting Teens is a Community Effort

For many of us, our first meaningful relationships happen in our teenage years. Disturbingly, 1 in 3 teens experiencing physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner (that’s 1.5 million high school students nationwide each year) with clearly demonstrated negative long-lasting effects. It is essential that organizations like Safe Passage and caring adults in…

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