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If you are in immediate physical danger, please call 911.

Our 24/7 Hotline

Call our hotline anytime for support or information
(413) 586-5066   |  (888) 345-5282 (toll-free)

Safe Passage operates a hotline 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

Our hotline counselors help people in crisis, as well as those seeking support or information about domestic violence.

For some survivors, calling the hotline is the first step towards seeking counseling or shelter. For others, the hotline is an important source of emotional support they might call weekly or just once in a while.

Looking for Shelter?

Safe Passage operates an emergency shelter for adults and their children who need to flee abuse and get safe from violent and life-threatening domestic violence situations.

Our shelter is in a confidential location for the safety and privacy for our guests. Hotline counselors can help you decide if shelter is right for you. Safe Passage is part of a statewide system of emergency shelters. If shelter outside Hampshire County is safer for you, we can help you get connected.

How can we help?


Our counselors provide a safe and supportive place for you to talk and be heard.

Some survivors need to tell their story of abuse, or need help solving a problem. Others may need to prepare for a court appearance or develop a safety plan. Counselors provide emotional support, information, options, and most importantly, a listening ear.

Legal Services

Legal issues are often key to a family's ability to be safe and build a new life.

Our Legal Program provides legal advice and representation to survivors of domestic violence with cases in Probate and Family Court. This court handles issues such as divorce, child custody, visitation and support, as well as abuse and stalking prevention orders.

Support Groups

Safe Passage offers a variety of support groups for survivors who want to share their experiences with others. Our support groups are facilitated by staff counselors.  

  • Safe Passage offers support groups to survivors of all genders.
  • English and Spanish support groups are available.
  • Support Groups are held at our office in Northampton and at other community locations.
  • Some support groups are drop-in; others require pre-registration.

Children's Services

Children who have witnessed domestic violence or who have been abused often experience complex and long-lasting effects.

Children’s Program staff act as children’s allies, advocating for each child's needs with family members, teachers, and service providers.

Children’s Program staff collaborates with counseling, shelter, and legal staff to help families address the varied impacts of domestic violence.

We're Here for Everyone

Safe Passage advocates work towards safety, healing, and justice for our entire community. We are here for everyone who has experienced domestic violence or relationship abuse.

LGBQ/T survivors

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. Safe Passage welcomes men, women, transgender and gender non-conforming survivors, and folks of no gender.  We serve people of all sexual orientations.


Safe Passage is here for children who have witnessed domestic violence or experienced abuse, and their supportive adults.

Rural survivors

Through a partnership with the Hilltown Community Health Centers, Safe Passage meets survivors in the rural hilltowns of Hampshire and Hampden counties.  We can come to you.

Latinx survivors

Se Habla Español.  Safe Passage ofrece sus servicios en Inglés y Español, en nuestra oficina de Northampton y en  localidades en nuestra comunidad.

We offer services in English and Spanish, at our office in Northampton and in locations throughout the community.

Survivors with disabilities

Our office and shelter are fully accessible to people with disabilities. Our counselor/advocates can help with medical and disability-related concerns.


Immigrants and refugees are welcome here.  We will not ask for any documents. We will keep your story confidential.  We can provide services in many languages. We're here to help.

Las personas inmigrantes y refugiados son bienvenidos a Safe Passage.  No pedimos documentación. Sus historias son confidenciales. Proveemos servicios en varios idiomas. Estamos aqui para ayudarles.

Internet Safety

If you are in danger, please use a safer computer, call 911, or call our hotline at (413) 586-5066 or (888) 345-5282 (toll-free).

Learn more about safer technology use on our Internet Safety page.

There is always a computer trail, but you can use the Exit Site button at the top of our website to leave this site quickly.

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