Volunteer at Safe Passage and...

Support a Peaceful Community

Learn about Social Justice and Preventing Violence

Connect with a Strong Agency Making Change

Meet Great People

The work of ending domestic violence and relationship abuse cannot be done alone—we need your help to make it a reality!

We view our volunteers as a direct link to the communities we serve, and believe in crafting meaningful experiences that bolster the mission of Safe Passage and strengthen community connections.

We know that volunteers come to Safe Passage with a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience. We seek volunteers from all walks of life and backgrounds (no prior experience working in domestic violence advocacy is required), and will work with you to make sure you feel prepared for and supported in your time here.

Safe Passage volunteers are also welcome to use this experience for academic or professional purposes. Safe Passage can work with individual volunteers to accommodate academic or professional requirements.


To get started:

All prospective volunteers should participate in one of our Volunteer Info Sessions sessions, which will give you more information on who we are, the logistics of the program, and what to expect from involvement. After the session, you will have the option to fill out a Volunteer Application and continue your experience.

To sign up for an upcoming Volunteer Info Session, click here!

Prospective Volunteers

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Safe Passage, please sign up to attend a Volunteer Info Session.

Current Volunteers

Access the Volunteer Portal below.

Our volunteer program has two different tracks: Ambassador and Service. Both tracks allow for opportunities for volunteers to engage fully and meaningfully in the work that we do! Every department of Safe Passage is working toward our overall goal of a world without violence.

Ambassador Track

In the Ambassador Track, volunteers support us in Community Engagement & Outreach, Development, and Legislative Advocacy.

Possible projects include:

  • Contributing to our communications efforts, social media strategy, and content creation
  • Maintaining connections with local community organizations and providers
  • Providing facilitation support for community education opportunities and prevention initiative workshops,
  • Developing or assisting with special events and projects
  • Assisting in program development, outreach, research, and data collection
  • Supporting Community Engagement programming by acting as a Volunteer Leader
  • Providing administrative support for Development or Community Engagement
  • And more!

Total training time required: 6-15 hours 

Click on “Current Opportunities” to see open volunteer positions!

Service Track
Current Opportunities


We currently offer internships on a case by case basis, and generally provide the same programming for interns as we do for volunteers. This means that if our volunteer programming fulfills your internship requirements, we are more than happy to approve your internship here with Safe Passage! However, your internship requirements may exceed what we can offer. In this case, we may not be able to accommodate your needs.

To request information about an internship, please email the Community Engagement Coordinator at volunteer@safepass.org with your interests and information about your internship requirements (i.e. how many hours needed, supervision requirements, length of internship and ideal start date, etc.).


I really enjoy working alongside Safe Passage staff to make a positive difference for our community. Volunteers are given a lot of trust and resources to educate themselves. Through volunteering I have learned so much about domestic violence and interrupting abusive behaviors. Thank you for helping me become more alert and aware. I feel really lucky to be part of an organization that so clearly values their volunteers.

— Safe Passage Volunteer